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Declutter your phone and keep it simple: use one app for multiple events! Install FestivApp and browse the programs of your selected festivals and conferences. Be cool and in control: mark your favorites, discover locations, explore side-events, stay informed and inspire your community!

FestivApp is your best guide during large festivals and conferences

Browse the program of your selected event on Android or iOS based devices. Search by event titles or by presenters, filter by locations or by categories, mark events as favorite and create your own scheduling. Find the exact location of featured events, and ask navigation support.

For event hosts and organizers, FestivApp is your customized personal assistant

Manage your event content by using the web administration interface. Customize your event’s in app page and send notifications to your audience!

And it's FREE!

Special features and fully customized versions of the app can also be ordered. Check the offer or ask for your customized quote!

What we can offer

Select among multiple events (festivals and conferences) and check current, upcoming and previous events. Search program by category and mark your favorite events. For the selected program, the entire content will be updated (or downloaded for the first time selection) and the UI will be displayed according to the festival’s brand (logo, colors, etc.). You may “follow” programs andreceive notifications from multiple festivals.

Navigate through the festival’s event list, by swiping between festival days. The events are displayed in chronological order and the program automatically scrolls to the current date. In order to find detailed information (description, presenters, location, etc.) about each event , simply select it from the list.

Search function is available by titles and presenters. The event list can be filtered by location and category. The filters can be easily removed by shaking the phone.

You can ask for navigation to an event or a specific location. This option is available on the events’ in app page.

Festival-specific offline maps are available (as static images), so you can easily find the important locations.

Events marked as favorites are displayed in a separate list and you will receive reminders before these events. A timeline view is also available with the scheduling of your favorites.

You will receive notifications from the organizers about program changes or other important news. You can receive notifications from multiple festivals if you are subscribed to their channel.

Internet connection is required only for the first festival/event program download and for manual updates. Automatic program updates will be also performed if an Internet connection is available. Synchronization is optimized, so that a small amount of data is transferred. Internet connection enabled features are: notifications, navigation, social features

Advanced settings are available. You can select the timezone (of the device or of the festival), the preferred language for the notifications and for the content (if the festival’s program is available in multiple languages). The UI is also internationalized (the phone’s settings will be used).

Create your program (festival or conference) using the web administration interface. Manage your content by editing the program (add, update and remove events, presenters, locations and categories). Provide detailed information of your events (description, category, presenters, location, etc.) and GPS coordinates to your locations for navigation support. Upload a customized program-specific map (as an image) and mark your locations.

Send push notifications when the program is changed or when important news must be aired. Notifications can be sent in multiple languages.

Your program will be displayed within the mobile applications according to your festival’s branding. You can add a logo and specify a set of colors used within the mobile application.

Customized versions of FestivApp can be ordered and published as independent applications, with a customized user interface, custom features and without program selection possibility.


For participants/attendees

The mobile applications can be downloaded for FREE!

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For organizers

You can register to our program administration website and use the core features for FREE!

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  • Basic

    • Main features
    • You upload your schedule
    • You manage schedule changes
  • Silver

    • Main features
    • We upload your schedule
    • Shared schedule management
    • Push notifications
  • Gold

    • Main features
    • We upload your schedule
    • Shared schedule management
    • Push notifications
    • Technical support
    • Dedicated application
    • Special features*
    • Special customization*

For optimal use of your event schedule, it is recommended that you invite your own audience to use the app via your online (web, Facebook page) and offline (prints, press releases) communication tools.

We can offer discounts for smaller events! Ask for a customized quotation!

*Please contact us for customized offers.